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Superman with a GoPro – This Stunning Film Lets You Be Superman for 3 Minutes

Aerial footage from a drone or quadcopter is becoming fairly ubiquitous these days, as the cost of pre-built copters and small lightweight high quality cameras, such as the excellent GoPro Hero 3, are now well within the reach of the average Joe.

This combination of cool filmmaking gadgets definitely makes for some stunning footage, but now that aerial drone videos are all over the internet, the question remains – where can we take this next?

The VFX Wizards at Corridor Digital have answered that question with skill and style, and have combined drone footage from a DJI Phantom 2 and a Gorpo with their usual brand of flawless compositing to create a truly unique video – Superman’s POV.

Following Supes as he flies over famous landmarks, (such as Dodgers Stadium and the L.A. River), around buildings and under bridges, and even stopping briefly to rescue a Damsel in Distress from a burning building.

The producers of the crappy Superman feature film attempts could take some notes from this video, I enjoyed this 3 minute ride exponentially more than any of the Superman cinema flops produced since Superman I.

Comments around the traps have compared the video to lucid dreaming, and have praised Corridor for creating a personal feeling for being inside the hero’s skin that no depiction of Superman so far has achieved, and all with around $1000 worth of equipment and a heavy sprinkling of talent and hard work.

One of the coolest things about Corridor Digital is they always post a ‘Making Of’ video so you can see how they create these amazing videos, and to help aspiring filmmakers achieve their visions. Here’s the Behind the Scenes video:

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