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Obscene, Surreal and Utterly Hilarious – Michael Cusack’s “YOLO” is a Viral Masterpiece

A mysterious animator from Australia, Michael Cusack’s works of genius will have your mum blushing and you crying tears of pure hilarity and joy. His most famous work to date would have to be the excellent YOLO:

Michael’s animations are crudely drawn and brightly coloured, and despite being uniquely Australian in humour and crudeness, have struck a chord worldwide if his viewcounts are any indication.

His excellent follow up Train Station will appeal to anyone who’s ever spent a moment standing on a platform at an inner city Australian train station, with his astonishingly accurate portrayal of the Aussie Derro* (appropriately named ‘Damo’) and his never ending quest for a ‘looiiiiighta’.

*I believe Derro is short for ‘Derelict’, and is used to describe scumbags who hang around train stations smoking durries (cigarettes) and huffing paint, while waiting for opportunities to abuse minorities and scab coins for child support (more paint and durries).

2 thoughts on “Obscene, Surreal and Utterly Hilarious – Michael Cusack’s “YOLO” is a Viral Masterpiece”

  1. According to his Twitter @Gillsberry Yolo part 2 is currently in the works, I hope it follows the rehabilitation and eventual revenge of the rape victim poo

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