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Neil Degrasse Tyson Baked Out of His Mind! (Not Really)

So some genius discovered if you slow NDT down by about 50 percent, he looks and sounds exactly like he just vanquished a bowl of some chronic skunk, yo. Sometimes the only way to deal with pondering the vast emptyness of space all day is to light one up, homie!

Jokes aside, NDT is a major hero of mine – bringing the wonders of real science to the everyday man on the street and showing him that the truth is way more far out than any fiction on how we as human beings, and the universe we live in, were created.

But damn, I’d LOVE to smoke a bowl with this man :).

1 thought on “Neil Degrasse Tyson Baked Out of His Mind! (Not Really)”

  1. Some of the comments are golden – ie “Blaze Degrass Tyson” and “all the astronomers have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about because they’re high off their heads all the time and all we know about the universe is just a giant collaborative stoner theory.”

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