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Why Did a Chinese Man Pay $2 Million for a Tibetan Mastiff? Because They are Awesome!

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Baby Tibetan Mastiff

If you’ve been following the news this week, you may have noticed a trending story – A Tibetan Mastiff puppy was sold last week in China for the highest price ever recorded for the sale of a pet – 12 million yuan – or roughly 2 million USD.

Here’s the Story on HuffPo.

Bought by a wealthy property developer, owning a Tibetan Mastiff is considered a status symbol in China, due to their ferocious look and demeanor, and the myth that they have ‘lion’s blood’.

A purebred Tibetan Mastiff is very rare, and the breed is considered a national pride, with many owners and admirers comparing them to the country’s treasured and iconic Pandas.

So what’s the appeal of these dogs? Well, they are pretty amazing.

Descended from the hunting dogs used by the nomadic tribes in central Asia, and passing a striking resemblance to a lion with its glorious mane, these dogs are beautiful and huge and can be just a touch scary if you’re not in their good books.

They are also fiercely loyal and protective, so if you’re concerned about home security or walking the streets at night, these bad boys could be just the thing to ensure you’re not bothered by your city’s scumbags and hoodlums.

Animal Planet explains why these big boys are so fierce and proud, and gives some insight into how they are becoming a status symbol in Chinese society.

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