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This Guy Explains the Meaning of ‘Cockblocking’ to His 89-Year-Old Grandfather – What Happens Next Will Have You Cracking Up

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Ethan Cole is a content writer and producer who has a little problem with the ladies.

The problem is, he can’t seem to get a date because his friends keep cockblocking him.

But this is not a problem he chose to face alone. He decided to seek the wisdom that comes from a long life lived, and ask his grandfather for some advice on the topic. Of course, he had to first explain to his grandfather exactly what cockblocking is, and the best part: He captured it on video.

Wait till you see what happens when Grandma gets involved, you’ll be rolling on the floor!

Ethan has a whole series of these videos featuring his adorable grandfather, including teaching his Grandfather about Sexting, and asking advice on how to win back his ex-girlfriend. They are all completely hilarious, go check them out at:

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