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The Phenomenon of ‘Here It Goes Again’: A Retrospective on OK GO’s Viral Masterpiece

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Few music videos have captured the imagination of the public quite like ‘Here It Goes Again,’ the viral sensation from Chicago-based band OK GO. The 2006 release combined catchy indie-rock music with innovative choreography and a single, continuous shot to produce a visual treat that became a cultural touchstone. This article delves into the making of the iconic video, its impact on popular culture, the accolades it received, and the band’s perspective on their groundbreaking creation.

A Look Back at the Video

‘Here It Goes Again’ featured the band members – Damian Kulash, Tim Nordwind, Dan Konopka, and Andy Ross – performing a meticulously choreographed routine on a set of eight synchronized treadmills. Directed by Kulash and his sister, Trish Sie, the video was shot in one continuous take, making the precision of the choreography and the performers’ flawless execution all the more impressive. Filmed in a single day, it took 17 attempts to achieve the perfect shot, and the video’s low-budget, DIY ethos only added to its charm.

Impact on Popular Culture

The video’s innovative concept and captivating visuals quickly caught the attention of millions of viewers worldwide. It became a viral sensation, garnering millions of views on YouTube in a time when the platform was still in its infancy. This widespread popularity led to numerous parodies, tributes, and references in movies, television shows, and commercials.

The ‘Here It Goes Again’ video played a significant role in cementing OK GO’s reputation as pioneers in the world of music videos. It inspired countless artists to push the boundaries of visual storytelling, and the band’s subsequent releases continued to showcase their creative genius in the medium.

The video also had an impact on the fitness industry, with the treadmill dance routine inspiring workout classes and gym enthusiasts to incorporate elements of the choreography into their own exercise regimens.

Awards and Accolades

The innovative and entertaining nature of ‘Here It Goes Again’ did not go unnoticed by award shows and industry organizations. In 2007, the video won a Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video, elevating the band’s status in the music world. It also received several other awards and nominations, including a YouTube Video Award for Most Creative Video and a Webby Award for Best Music Video.

OK GO’s Perspective Today

Over a decade and a half since the video’s release, the members of OK GO continue to express gratitude for the opportunities and recognition that ‘Here It Goes Again’ brought them. In interviews, they have shared that the video’s success allowed them to pursue their passion for creating visually stunning and conceptually innovative music videos.

The band has also acknowledged the role that ‘Here It Goes Again’ played in shaping their career, with Kulash stating in a 2017 interview, “We wouldn’t be where we are now without that video.” The band members appreciate the impact their treadmill dance routine has had on popular culture and continue to create awe-inspiring visuals to accompany their music.


The ‘Here It Goes Again’ video remains an iconic and influential piece of music history that left an indelible mark on popular culture. Its inventive choreography, memorable visuals, and viral success paved the way for OK GO’s continued creative pursuits and inspired countless artists to push the boundaries of music video production. As we reflect on the lasting impact of this groundbreaking video, it is clear that ‘Here It Goes Again’ will forever be synonymous with innovation, creativity, and the power of a catchy tune paired with a captivating visual narrative.

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