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The Penis Drawing Machine, or, The Harbinger of the Robot Uprising

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Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, the fear that technology will one day lead to mankind becoming obsolete has been a major source of anxiety and much debate in our society.

The Luddites smashed the looms that replaced their skilled hands in the workplace, and modern technophobes can be found simply leaving civilization behind for a simpler existence in a mountain shack, although strangely still managing to maintain a blog about their experience.

There is even the fear of the so called ‘Cyber Revolt’, in which machines and computers become so advanced they develop consciousness, and deciding human beings are a threat, or inferior and not longer necessary to their existence, simply destroy or enslave them.

Now I don’t want to worry you, but there has been a terrifying development and yet another advancement toward our complete subjugation by soulless machine overlords.

It is a machine that draws penises.

Pick up any high school text book and you’ll see how important the ink-based depiction of penises is to the development of the modern man.

Now that the machines have taken that from us, who knows how close the robocalypse is now? All I’m saying is it’s time to put The Terminator on permanent loop and start preparing for the great uprising of the machines, Skynet is not far away.

This machine was created by insane robot sympathiser David Neevel, who in the past also created a machine that removes the cream from Oreos.

David, are you TRYING to bring on Judgement Day???

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