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See the World From a Whole New Perspective With The HulaCam (Also Hot Almost Naked Burner Girls)

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The HulaCam was born when Rob Volkel decided to do a crazy experiment – duct tape a GoPro camera to a Hula Hoop. He then stumbled upon a genius idea – to give the HulaCam to crazy hot dancers at Burning Man and film the results.

This meeting of old and new technology results in an astounding effect – you’re literally inside the hula hoop while the world rotates around you. Set that to some banging music and with some tight editing, you’ve got yourself a novel new video format – and it doesn’t hurt that your subjects are easy on the eye either.

Since its inception, the Hula cam has been used on many more shoots (including one for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, rowr!) and has been recreated by other keen videographers to make videos of their own.

Here’s the video that sparked the whole thing off:

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