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Rise and Shine is NOT Made by Nike – But it’s Still an Awesome Motivational Video

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You’ve probably seen the Rise and Shine motivational video that’s going viral right now, but if you haven’t, here it is:

This video has gone well and truly viral, and is being posted on social media and reblogged around the world and is getting great praise for Nike, with comments such as “Nike’s best motivational video yet” and “Nike raises the bar again with Rise and Shine” being quite common.

Well guess what… It’s not made by Nike. In fact, there’s no way Nike had anything to do with this film.

Our first clue was the appearance of Usain Bolt – a Puma athlete. Why would Nike put a competitor’s leading athlete in their video? There are also close ups of competitor’s shoes and athletes associated with them (Saucony, Salomon). What gives?

Just a little digging reveals this video is actually a fan made video from late 2012, put together by Even Ødegård from various videos found around the internet. He cut the clips together to the voice track from TCU Baseball 2012 – The Grind, and unintentionally created Nike’s best motivational video ever.

So there’s two things we should take from this: Video bloggers – Check your sources, homies.

And Nike – Give this man a job!

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