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Ravi Fernando is a Rubiks Cube Genius – But This Isn’t Any Ordinary Rubik’s Cube Solving Video

Ravi Fernando is a Stanford University student and a Rubik’s Cube solving expert. He can solve a Rubik’s Cube in just 7.65 seconds, and can solve them blindfolded, with one hand and with his feet.

Now you’ve probably seen some pretty amazing Rubik’s Cube solving videos in your youtube watching career, but this definitely taking it to the next level.

You see, Ravi is also an accomplished juggler, and in this video you’ll see him solve not one, but three Rubik’s Cubes… while juggling them.

Ravi is a World Cube Association member and is officially ranked as the world’s 48th fastest cube solver, however he’s got to be the only one who can do it while juggling.

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