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Oderus Urungus Reads Goodnight Moon – It’s as Awesome as You Think (RIP Dave Brockie)

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There was some very sad news for heavy metal fans today. Dave Brockie, otherwise known as Oderus Urungus, the frontman (frontmonster? frontalien?) for the thrash metal band GWAR was reportedly found dead in his home in Richmond, Virginia, aged 50.

Gwar is famous for their elaborate horror and science fiction inspired monster costumes, their obscene and hilarious lyrics and their sense of humour, and their over-the-top shows and public appearances.

Their fans are among the most dedicated in the metal world, a petition to have GWAR play at the 2015 Super Bowl garnered over 40,000 signatures. The band responded to the request by reiterating its usual wish to destroy all humanity, and then confirmed if the petition was successful they would both play at the Super Bowl, and play IN the Super Bowl.

Brockie was well known in the metal community as not only an amazing showman and musician, but also a warm, creative and funny man with a wit and intelligence that was without rival.

So in honour of Brockie’s passing we present to you: Oderus Urungus reading Goodnight Moon.

For those not familiar with GWAR and their supreme awesomeness, this little clip will give you some idea of what they are all about, it drips with the humour and obscenity you’d see at a live show.

Also please note: This is not for the faint of heart or easily offended, please plant your tongue firmly in cheek before proceeding. Also there are LOTS of naughty words, this one is definitely NSFW.

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