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Hydrographics Water Transfer Printing Is the Strangest and Coolest Method of Painting You’ll Ever See

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Remember watching those old Warner Brothers cartoons where a character would have a bucket of polka dot or checkered paint, and they’d just slap it on a surface and a perfect pattern would appear?

Did you ever think: “Man, that would be awesome if you could do that in real life”?

Well, if you did, then you should check out the process called Hydrographics Printing. By putting a print of a pattern or image onto a treated sheet of vinyl then floating on the top of a vat of water, an activator chemical can then be sprayed on the sheet to basically liquefy it. You can then put an object into the vat and the image will stick perfectly to the object, essentially painting it in the exact pattern you had on the sheet.

It may not sound super exciting, but check out the video, it’s absolutely mesmerizing to watch – and don’t just take my word for it – this video is fourteen minutes of just painting one object after another, and it’s gone completely viral at 4 million views.

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