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Cast of The Lion King Break into Impromptu Song Performance on Australian Flight

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As passengers sat and waited for a few remaining guests to board a Brisbane to Sydney Virgin flight last, they probably were settling in for a dull flight of bad re-run TV shows and a dreary in-flight magazine articles.

What they didn’t know was, the cast of The Lion King stage show, currently touring Australia, were all on board that same flight. Sensing the boredom kicking in, the cast took it upon themselves to entertain the flight, and spontaneously burst into song, singing the central theme to the musical – The Circle of Life.

Passengers and crew were a bit weirded out at first, but soon got into the spirit of things and ended the performance with a round of applause, and the singers even got a special thank you announcement from the crew.

I’ll take beautiful Acapella singing over a boring in-flight movie any day!

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