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“Box” is the Most Amazing 3D Light Show You’ll Ever See

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This stunning short film by production house Bot & Dolly will have you questioning reality when you see how they synthesise real and digital space, creating one of the most amazing light shows you’ll ever see.

By using projection mapping on moving surfaces, which are thrown around with pinpoint precision by two robotic arms, they create an amazing morphing spectacle where flat surfaces first become cubes, then fluid surfaces, then a variety of geometric shapes and patterns interacting in what looks just like a 3D space.

By the time they are teleporting 3D objects across the stage your jaw will be on the floor.

This is what happens when you cross engineering and art. Using a combination of robotics, software and 3D projection mapping and a human conductor to drive the show, this is something truly unique and a real eye-opener into the future of media and art.

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