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Astounding 360 Degree Video Using 6 Gopros Reveals Awesome Tiny Panoramic Planet!

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This video made using a custom 3D printed Gopro mount shows a full 360 degree view in one video, creating the spectacular effect that the rider is pedalling around a tiny, beautiful planet.

360° Video using 6 GoPro Cameras – spherical panorama timelapse from j0n4s on Vimeo.

Photographer Jonas Ginter was inspired by the effect that can be created with panoramic photographs when you curve them around a circular path, creating a what is known as the ‘Tiny Planet’  or Spherical Panorama effect.

An example of a spherical panorama:

Jonas wanted to breathe life into this interesting effect by applying it to moving pictures. The challenge was: How does one achieve this? Especially since these Tiny worlds are made up of several different still pics, each covering a small portion of the full 360 degrees.

The answer came with a little ingenuity, 6 tiny cameras and a 3D printer.

1200px_360_degree_gopro_mount_3d_print_jonas_ginter (1)

 3D Mount and Camera Photos from Jonas’ website:

With this insanely clever 3D printed tripod mount, Jonas was able to capture a full 360 degrees around and 180 degrees up and down, and upon taking the footage home and compositing it all together, he has effectively translated the previously still-image-only effect to the world of video.

The applications for this technique are endless, and we predict this will open up a whole new wave of videos when other video makers get their hands on these ideas. Stay tuned for some awesome stuff!

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