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To This Day – For the Bullied and Beautiful – Shane Koyczan

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The recent news story featuring nine-year-old Grayson Bruce, a boy who was bullied for carrying a My Little Pony backpack and subsequently banned from bringing the backpack to school, has once again brought the bullying issue into the forefront of the news.

Whether you agree with the School’s reaction or not (opinions are divided, even among the experts, with some saying this action puts the blame on the child, while others are saying this short term measure can neutralise the victimization process) this and the growing number of Bullying stories in the news across the world seem to indicate bullying is not only here to stay, but with the advent of cyber-bullying, can only increase in frequency.

Shane Koyczan, a Canadian poet and writer, was also the victim of bullying growing up.

He wrote a poem entitled To This Day, an examination of the long term effects of his own bullying and that of others. In 2013, in a collaboration with a team of talented animators, he produced an 8 minute performance of To This Day, set to some simply stunning animation and motion graphics. The video went viral instantly, and Koyczan hopes the video will promote connectivity between those who have suffered from bullying, and help schools engage better with bullying and child suicide.

The video is simply stunning, incredibly beautiful and sad, and extremely moving.

If you were ever bullied, had a child or a friend that was bullied, or if bullying touched your life in any way at all, there’s no way you’ll get through this without shedding a tear. It’s an amazing work of art, and should be seen by everyone.

Bullying can happen to anyone. It might happen to you, your friend or someone online. People being bullied often feel powerless and alone, or worried about what the bully might do next. The impact of bullying can last longer than the bullying itself. Experiencing bullying can increase a person’s chances of developing anxiety or depression.

If you are experiencing bullying, click here to get help now.

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