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Old Spice Get Weird Again With Terry Crews – Hilarious!

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The addition of Terry Crews to the Old Spice advertising campaign has produced some of the funniest, weirdest and most brilliant television commercials of the past decade, and this latest one is no different.

Old spice is still showing a naked, screaming Terry Crews combined with excellent editing and surreal imagery makes for compelling ads that send products flying off the shelves.

Did you know that Tim and Eric of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job directed the last round of Terry Crews Old Spice commercials? I didn’t till recently, but it certainly makes sense on a second viewing. Good on Old Spice for taking a risk and breaking the mold to make ads interesting again.

We’re not sure if this one was directed by Tim and Eric but if it wasn’t, it’s certainly inspired by their unique and weird artistic vision. The little muted scream when he turns on the tap had me literally holding my sides with laughter!

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