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Fake FBI Identity Cards For Under $20 – The Underground Thai Fake Document Vendors

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The use of fake IDs ranges from the relatively benign, such as underage kids trying to get into bars, to the more nefarious – like thieves and terrorists getting into places they shouldn’t be and causing damage and chaos.

But getting a fake ID is pretty hard right? Or at least getting one that can pass a detailed inspection?

Wrong. On the streets of Bangkok, vendors up and down the crowded street display hundreds of different fake ID cards – and despite being illegal under Thai law, business is good – especially among young backpackers.

The cards are slick and professionally manufactured, based on genuine originals, and you can get everything from driver licenses from dozens of countries, to US army ID, to Qatar cabin crew passes, to a professional, official looking, FBI identification card.

Watch as the guys from wander up to a vendor and peruse what he has to offer, out in the open with no stress and no fuss. Pretty wild stuff.

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